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pronounced aw·ful - /ˈôfəl/

One day, Jessica and Sharon were baking themselves to death in an infrared sauna (which, by the way, belonged to neither one of them), talking and laughing about all the funny and not-so-funny parts of life - relationships, physical ailments, careers, celebrity crushes, insecurities, purpose. They realized that while there is much joy in their lives, there's also a lot of fuckery. But the fuckery is funny, and it's necessary. The constant flow of it reminds them to stay on their toes, ride the waves of change, and laugh the whole way through.

Welcome to Our Fucked Up Life.



I'm Jessica!

I'm a bad-ass boss bitch.

(And tour manager. Aka babysitter for adults.)

Motto: Don't settle. Trust your judgment.

2018-06-02 19_04_35.124.JPG

I'm Sharon!

I'm on a never-ending quest to minimize

the soul suckage of life.

Motto: Svaha.

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