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Unnecessary Purchases, Vol. 1

You're absolutely right, the fact that this is a "Volume 1" implies the future existence of further volumes; let's just get that out of the way. Acceptance is the first step to... something or other. Really, I should do this (keep track of shit I buy that I 100% don't need) to help reign in my unnecessary spending, but what it'll probably do is somehow encourage me further.

(This isn't EVERYTHING I've bought recently that I didn't need, as I left out boring things like salmon poke bowls from Health Nut and a new bronzer which I got from CVS and which I'm very happy with, thanks for asking.)

1) The Unnfiko Plush Phone Case, $9.99. I'll be honest, because I can be no other way, unless I'm having to fake it for (someone else's) work purposes: I ordered this while at fancy teatime in Pasadena, which really meant that I was drinking champagne at 11 am while eating very little, which meant that I was getting drunk fast. As obnoxious as it looks and is, I love it. I love it enough to dissolve others' thinly veiled judgment when they see it. It's soft as fuck and, okay, for the most part, people do say nice things about it. I might need to buy another one because this one's had some time around snow and a hot tub (simultaneously), and it's been blow-dried as a result, which did not interfere with its softness, fyi. But for one cent less than $10, I won't bat an eye. I must caution against the way one removes it from one's phone though, because I tend to tear it off by the fur, and it's like a cheap wig on a stripper - the hair will separate from the lace front, and then not only is it obnoxious looking but it's yelling obscenities one second and then crying the next.

2) zakkaya JAPAN Tenugui Towel, $7.49. Mother sent me a link to a list of the best travel accoutrements, and this was on that list. I'm not sure why I was so intrigued by this particular thing, listed discreetly among fancy lotions and expensive portable speakers. Perhaps it was its seeming plainness and inconspicuousness. Or maybe it was the ensuing cat and mouse game between my wanting to know what it's for and its actual (purported many) uses. I am still quite bewildered about its uses beyond a headband, as a lazy google search yielded even more confusion, but I'm willing to take the journey to find out. I feel it'll come in handy one day, plus it doesn't take up much room at all.

3) AmazonBasics Micromink Sherpa Comforter Set, $44.99. I know this is a list of recent unnecessary purchases, but by god, this feels like a necessity. Paired with a velvet plush sheet set which you know I also bought but didn't include in this list, I could happily lie forever within the confines of this soft heaven.. and then die here. I wouldn't mind, honestly. I can't explain it, but if, as I am, you're a lover of soft fluffy things as opposed to cold, harsh, and unwelcoming leathery things (yuck), you, too, might happily welcome death if it meant an eternity wrapped in this comforter.

4) Ohuhu Guitar Wall Mount Hangers (2-piece set), $11.99. I just wanted my ukulele and semi-working guitar off the floor. Aesthetically, I'd felt it was cool and minimal to have them leaned up against the wall, but I no longer have room in my energy field for the fear of them falling and injuring themselves.

5) Nire Beauty Pro 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set with Holder, Silicone Brush Cleaner, and Blender, $44.95. Ew, I was overloading on YouTube makeup videos and was like, I definitely need new makeup brushes but don't want to spend $1000 on the ones that they use. (I probably didn't need new makeup brushes but I'm glad I at least didn't opt to spend $1000 on them.) In short, packaging is dope, there's a weird smell that isn't intolerable or reminiscent of decay, but must def air this shit out. Are they the best brushes I've ever come into contact with? I wouldn't say that in regards to their shape, but they are soft (I love soft) and feel like they're of better quality than what I was using before.

6) Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, originally $1320.00. First of all, I bought this used on Fashionphile in excellent af condition (not for $1320.00). While I do love my fakes (pretend I didn't say that), I feel like this may have been one of those purchases equivalent to emotional binge eating at 3am, minus the emotion. I just felt like it. I wanted a well-designed tote bag to travel with. Can't say I regret it. Can say I wish I had more money.


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