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Surviving the Harsh LA Winters

When it rains, it pours. At least, that's what's been happening in LA the last few weeks, which I LOVE. And when it drops below 60 degrees, people panic. But it really was 33 degrees this fine February morning. And according to the remnants of whatever knowledge I've retained from school, that's just one degree above freezing. Mother even brought me a tabo of hot water to pour over my icy car, as I had not a clue how to un-ice my windshields. (It worked.)

At any rate, this right here keeps me comfortably WARM AF and is the ONLY THING I need for these short-lived "wintery" days here in the southland (other than hideous shoes and grandma underwear, obviously. And fleece leggings).

I found this a few months ago at a Buffalo Exchange in DC -- for $60!!!! It retails for $398!!! I can't believe I paused for three moments before buying it, thinking it was "too much" (money, not fabric). Ha! Its OG sleeping bag blue essence totally exemplifies my homeless chic vibe, although I had no idea until googling it today that it came with a belt, which un-homelesses it a bit, and which I don't and wouldn't care for anyway. This thing can be a real bitch to bring on flights if you're not cold enough to wear it for the inevitably sweaty airport olympics, but it's so worth it. In conclusz, I will never get rid of this coat/blanket/sleeping bag/creep deterrent.


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